Principal's News

The BEAR Necessities . . .


September . . . A Month for Gratitude

We are thankful for all of our parents & families! We are thankful for your health, support,
patience and kindness!! Thank you for a great start to the new year!

A few Announcements and/or reminders:
* Parent Volunteers. We are so excited to start having parents volunteer here at Twombly, it has
been a long time! If you would like to volunteer for your child’s teacher, you must fill out a background
check form from the main office. Once the background check has cleared, please coordinate with the
classroom teacher (day, time, volunteering needed, etc.) so they can let the front office know. On the
day you will be volunteering, please sign in at the front office and the ladies will give you a visitor badge.
Our goal is to be ready to have volunteers start in October :). All volunteering has to be pre-planned.

* Our doors open for breakfast at 8:15am. Please do not drop of your students before then as we can not provide
supervision until then. Also, arrangements to go home should be called into the of ice by 2:30pm. If it is later we cannot guarantee the message will be given Thank you so much!

* At this time, we can not allow parents andsiblings to eat breakfast or lunch at school with their student(s). We are growing so fast, that we just don’t have the room or the supervision for this. Thank you for understanding :)
* We welcome Birthday treats when they fall on school days, please coordinate with the classroom teacher for these
special occasions and remember, all treats must be store bought (no homemade treats for safety/allergy reasons).

Thank you!

After our yearly safety inspection, it was recently recommended by the FLPD & FLFD that we change the route
of students entering the building in the morning. We will be bringing students in through the East & West main
entrances. Students in grades K-2 will enter through the east staff entrance while grades 3-5 will enter through
the west entrance. We gave it a try this morning and it worked pretty well (we didn’t announce it earlier
because we wanted to give it a try before finalizing the new process). Staff will be heavily supervising this new