Yay!     Woohoo!     Exciting!     Celebrate!     Awesome!     Hooray!

As part of our Fall Fun Festivities, this year we are inviting all staff & students to wear an appropriate and special “costume” to school on Monday, October 31st!  We haven’t allowed this for many years, but unanimously decided it was time to try it again :).  The last 30 minutes of the school day will be designated for classroom activities.  This time is for teachers and students only — parents get to celebrate with them all night long :)

Please remember, the education and safety of all students is our number one priority; and therefore, the following expectations must be adhered to:

  • Students must come with costumes already on for the day (and must be easy enough to use the bathroom and eat lunch without adult assistance, please).  If they “forget” their costume, we will not allow them to call home and have it brought to school.
  • Please, no masks, face coverings, or face paint
  • Please, no toy weapons, or dangerous/violent looking accessories
  • Please no blood or gore

We want this day to be full of learning and fun!  We thank you ahead of time for your support in bringing back this fun privilege :)

In celebration of Fall,

Your Twombly Family