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Happy February!
It feels so good to have all of our students back with us, it's amazing how much we miss them over our breaks!

As you know, our Preschool students have a new home at Little Trappers. We are so excited for them to be in a new building but we sure do miss them!

February is Healthy Lifestyles Month!

We have many great things going on this month that support the health and wellness of our students! Mrs. Metivier has been working hard with other district Physical Education teachers to provide the following activities:

Schools on the Move 5210 Challenge!

This challenge runs through the entire month of February. Your students will be bringing home calendars to help them monitor their healthy habits!

Jump Rope for Heart!

This activity also runs through the month of February. All donations will go directly to the American Heart Association and students can earn special prizes!

Healthy Lifestyles Night

This fun family event will be on Thursday, February 22nd at the Rec Center from 5:00 - 7:00pm. Please come and bring the whole family J Prizes could include a limo ride, ice cream, and time in a bouncy house! FLHS Student Council will be helping with this fun time for kids!

* Important Dates to Remember *
No school for students on February 16th, 19th, and 20th! What a nice break to celebrate President's Day!
Teachers will have professional development opportunities on the 20th.
Parent-Teacher Conferences: March 7th and 8th

(more information to come)!

*Attendance News*
Every month we have a special occasion for the classroom with the BEST attendance! This has been a very successful way to encourage students to come to school! The following are the winning classrooms so far this year:
September: Ms. Blanchard's 5th grade

October: Ms. Martinez's 5th grade

November: Mr. Trujillo's 5th grade

December: Mr. Trujillo's 5th grade

January: Mr. Trujillo's 5th grade

So far this year, our 5th grade students have been the ones to enjoy a huge pizza party for such great attendance. This is just one of the many ways we are trying to improve our attendance here at Twombly! Parents - please encourage your student(s) to attend school so we can give them the best education possible! J THANK YOU! J

*Construction Update *
As you may have noticed (by all the fencing and trucks), we have officially started Phase 1 of our construction project and. . . so far so good! They have completed the demolition of our old Preschool rooms and are already beginning to drywall! Our hope for Phase 1 is to be finished by the third week in February. When Phase 1 is complete, our Kindergarten classes will move into the newly remodeled rooms so construction can begin in their rooms!
Haselden and all the subcontractors have been wonderful to work with! They complete the "noisey" work before students arrive so that it is as quiet as can be during student learning time!

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