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Student of the Month - September
Posted On:
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

We will have our FIRST Student of the Month Celebration on Friday, September 29th!! This will take place in the morning on Friday! How excited we are to celebrate these children. They are the following students:

Kinder: Yaritza Mosqueda, Arianna Visconti, Samantha Chavez and Daisha Ortiz.

1st Grade: Monica Cazares, Dimaris Perez, and Dayanara Jimenez.

2nd Grade: Illian Tovar, Dayvenie Palomo and Andres Ortega.

3rd Grade: Cade Rhoda, Nicolas Zavala, Alex Carrillo, and Jade Johnson.

4th Grade: Soleil Lozoya, Michelle Morales, Karem Manriquez and Lily Villares.

5th Grade: Ingrid Andrade, Ashley Diaz Tellez, Melany Diaz and Gustavo Andrade.

Mrs. Hanson's Class: Keira Leonhart

When you see these students in the hallway be sure to congratulate them!!

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