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Principal's Corner

September Newsletter

Our dear parents, families, students:

It is with genuine excitement that we welcome back all of our students and families for another great year here at Twombly Elementary where our mission is:

“Whatever it takes . . . success for all our Twombly students”!

Teachers are also excited for the new school year and have lots of wonderful opportunities for learning to offer your child(ren) this year! Classes began on August 16, 2016 and it was an absolutely wonderful start to the year! We could not ask for a more wonderful and committed staff. We are a family and work very hard to take care of each other and all our students!

Last year many exciting and wonderful events happened here at school; and this year will prove to be no different. Twombly will continue to be a place where students feel happy, staff are committed, and parents are welcome! Together, we will accomplish amazing things this year.

Our overarching goals this year as Administrators of Twombly Elementary are two-fold. We will diligently work with students, parents and community members to build and maintain trusting relationships. We will also continue to refine the systems in place to ensure a safe and conducive learning environment where families feel welcome, encouraged, and eager to reach their academic and social potential.

Our focus will always be on providing our students with the best education and environment possible! We will do everything in our power to support our students in reaching their academic potential, becoming independent problem solvers, upstanding social citizens, and to develop a love of learning! We are always willing to meet with parents, please feel free to call the office to set up an appointment. Here is to a wonderful new school year at Twombly Elementary!

A couple of exciting and necessary changes this year:

**New Faces**

We are proud and excited to announce our awesome new staff members:

In 4th grade we have two new teachers, Ms. Brenda Montoya and Mr. Mitchell Wilcox and our new Art teacher is Mr. Chris Cain. We have a new Preschool Director, Ms. April Perez; Psychologist, Ms. Sara Tontarski & Mrs. Lauren Hangge and last but not least, our new Child Find Coordinator, Mrs. Rachel Parsons! We are excited to have our newest members of our family, please say hello when you meet them!

**Parent Volunteers**

We LOVE and value our parent volunteers-- we couldn’t do it without you! If you are interested in providing support to our students and teachers, please ask for a volunteer form, and once it is processed, you can start scheduling time with teachers to come in and help! :)


(Parent Teacher Student Association)

Parents and families are one of our most important partners in public education! We are always looking for volunteers to join our PTSA, which raises funds for student activities (field trips) and plans school-wide events! Please let Irene at the front window know if you are interested in joining this wonderful group!

**New Office Protocols**

This year, in order to be in compliance with Federal Law (HIPAA & FERPA - student and staff confidentiality in healthcare and academic/professional performance) we have had to make some changes in the office area. We have to limit the number of visitors in our main office area. We kindly request that only two visitors are in the main office at any given time. We have provided a nice sitting area for you right outside the office door. As visitors exit, new visitors can come in :) Parents and visitors are welcome to use this sitting area at any time, we just ask that you stay in the lobby area after instructional time has begun (8:00am). Thank you so much!

In addition, if parents need to bring items to school for their child(ren) and it is after 8:00am or before 3:00pm, a staff member will deliver the items for you to the classroom. It is our goal this year to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum, so that your child(ren) is given the benefit of every instructional minute possible throughout the day.

Mr. Scott VanLoo and I are excited for the new school year and thank you so much for your cooperation, patience and kindness! We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Partners in Education,

Julie A. Baker Mr. Scott VanLoo

Principal Assistant Principal